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Family plan allowing simultaneous play with spare accounts

Family plan allowing simultaneous play with spare accounts

I have spotify (and have used it since 2009-ish, I miss Roberta) and the new Family plan is great - my mum and wife are currenly members.


This means I am using 3 out of my 5 'streams'.


I also have Sonos at home, which is logged in with my account.


When I'm commuting I use Spotify in the car.


It turns off all the time - took me a while, but turns out my wife is at home playing it on the Sonos system.


Can you please allow any spare accounts to also be considered as a simultaneous stream for the master account?



4 Replies

Hi @Jraward!


Thanks for coming to the Community for help.


Keep in mind that with Premium for Family each member should have their own individual account. 


It's possible that your wife is logged in your account while using the Sonos at home and this is why you can't use Spotify in the car. Make sure she logs out and back in with her own account to avoid this issue.


Let us know if you have any other doubts.



Nope, not a solution.


Logging in and out of my own devices is not an option. It's also an incredible faff to do this on iPhone, let alone whilst I'm driving and it's not even possible to do so from the app on the Sonos (and I've tried to set up 2 accounts which also doesn't work).


She would throw the whole system on eBay/in the bin if I suggested this.


You're lagging, Spotify, really lagging, and with the multiple streaming services hot on your heels I'm not surprised that people are jumping ship when simple things like this (that Prime and Netflix manage to do with no fuss) are not considered.


I used Apple music for a while but then reverted as it wasn't available on Sonos. Now that this is not the case (and your Discover Weekly playlists have completely lost their way) there really isn't much between the selection of services. You've no USP, which used to be your reception to your community among other things, which is sadly waning (lyrics/vertical mode on iphone...?)

We understand where you're coming from @Jraward.


Keep in mind that for licencing and royalty purposes, it's only possible to stream on one device per account. That's why each member of Premium for Family should be using their own personal account to be able to listen to music at the same time.


We're always looking to improve Spotify. We appreciate your feedback and we'll make sure to pass the comments to the right team.


If there's anything else we can do for you, let us know.



That's what we've done - I use my account at home on Sonos and then switch to another account for commuting/listening to music at work if my music cuts out/wife is listening at home.

However this then splits my playlists/listening history etc which is a pain. I realise it's been 5 years now, but is there any other solution on the horizon?

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