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Family plan subscription for Canada


Family plan subscription for Canada

Is the Spotify Family plan available yet in Canada? 


My wife and I both have the free accounts and would like to switch to the family plan, however when we click on Upgrade, we don't see any kind of link to the family plan. 




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Just use a PC.... and go to settings. 🙂


Seems to be the case!  Well, that is just insane.   I couldn't believe it!

Just cancelled my subscription in favor of Google Play Music family plan. My daughter will need her own account soon - I could live with two separate accounts, but not 3...


It's really a shame, because I've been with Spotify for several years.

My issue with this is that I paid for the family plan, (as in I entered my account, my card and everything) and then after completing the transaction, spotify tells me that it's not available in Canada. So two things, fix this, and pay me back please, and can we have another way to contact you than through the community because I couldn't find another way to do so.

We been waiting over a year for this family service...what's up with this delay? In the US they have up to 6 devices for the price of one family plan. I feel like ending this inconvenience and going with apple.

Just gave left Rogers cause of their crazy plans. I can't believe i've subscribed to spotify for so long after they sold us to Rogers. Don't bother replying to my question about why spotify family isn't support in Canada, I'm cancelling my sub now. 


Been subscribing since day 1 you entered Canada... too bad so sad.

Can you just add the Premium Family subscription for Canadians already? I would say this delay is almost comical, but I really am going to make a switch to Apple Music or Google Play Music if I don't have this option before Christmas of this year.

ironically when you click the "solution" link it takes you to the users post who says screw spotify.. 

I have been a spotify user for quite a while now, hopped on the premium subscription deal and would continue paying for it if the family plans were available in Canada.

Looks lke people have been strung along for two years with the promise of family plans in Canada.. whats the deal?  If there is no set timeline for implementation I would have to agree with the proposed solution and say screw spotify and go somewhere else..


Spotify - what is your answer on this topic??



Solution is pretty simple - cancel and move to Apple Music. That's what we did after this unacceptable delay. As they say - screw Spotify. 

Unfortunetly there is no answer. Most of us beleive that the lack of a family plan has something to do with an agreement with Roger's but no one can confirm that.  I have been recommending Google music to most people, mostly because it works with everything(PC, Apple, and Google products) .  I have used it for a few months and really like it.  

If you have only apple products at work and home than conisder apple music, just be cafefull with your work computer.  Apple music can't be listened to via an internet browere like Google music can.  If you are PC at work, you will need to make sure that your IT department allows you it install software, without setting off flags.  My IT department gets a notification that new software has been installed and itunes have been juged as nowork related.  

Best of luck

Unfortunately it’s been two weeks and I still can’t add my wife to my
google family plan. l’ve talked to 4 different support people and each one
has different ideas what the problem is yet nothing works. Still waiting
for someone higher up to contact me. Frustrating. I’m an apple user but
don’t like apple’s offering. Wish google just worked but it doesn’t 😞

Wow I can't understand that.  It is dead simple.  1. Go to google play on any Brower. 2 than on the right side you will see account. 3. click or touch that area  4. Then you will see payment methods, family group, subscriptions.  5 click on manage family and add whoever you like.  

The family member will get an email that they have to acknowledge.  

Make sure that you are using the correct email for that family member and then they accepting/acknowledging the subscription.  

Should be just that easy.  I have never heard of anyone haveing this issue but if you can't get it to work just go use apple music.  It is alot like spotify you will not notice to much of a difference. 

Yeah it should be that simple but it doesn’t work. My wife doesn’t receive
the invite. Now corresponding with the advanced support person. Sigh...

Spotify.....End of my suscription, switching to another provider.


Wake up and get out of Roger's monopoly. 


I hope that all Canadian's customers react and no one suscribe to this discriminatory practices. 




Google & Apple.....I am coming !!!


JM - Montreal

It silly that they don't offer family plans to everyone. Hopefully they will when their contract with Rogers expires.

I agree it sucks. But by no means do we have "rights"to family plans lol

Yup. I agree, we don't have a right to it. I would have loved to have stayed with Spotify but I've moved on since June and haven't really looked back. It's a business and Spotify has to make money - no one should fault them for that. They've signed an agreement (details unknown) with Rogers that provides them an exclusive on Spotify Family. It would be relatively simple math for Spotify to determine how much market cap Spotify family would have got them in Canada vs. the value of what Roger's was handing over. If they felt they would have brought it more revenue with an exclusive, so be it - and that's the choice they've made. Not knowing the details, we won't know WHEN it ends or if there's a period in the contract for renewal discussions but as it stands, you can wait or you can leave for other family options.

LOL. Yeah agreed it sucks, but you don't have a "right" to a family plan through spotify - that's just silly. It's a service they're providing, and they don't currently offer a feature in a specific region. You're not being persecuted...

Did you know that most of the world has had an updated Spotify app for IOS and Android for 4 months now? They got rid of the hamburger menu. We still don't have the update and we still don't have family plans. We're getting the shaft. I'm not switching due to Apple Music sucking royally but it would be nice to get what others get once in a while...

I've got two daughters who are getting into music. It is a shame we can't have a family plan in Canada. Although I'm an apple guy...Apple Music is awful. Tried Google music and would really prefer to stick with Spotify.

Is there any reason you couldn't use a VPN and sign up for an American account?

Hello Jisei


I have tried using the vpn and i believe it will work if you have an american based credit card.  I do not, so that is the point at which I was stopped.  Once you have created your american account you should no longer need a vpn.  It will just work.


I would agree that apple music is not the best service but if you are already stuck in apple's ecosystem, it may be the best one you can have.   I prefer google music simply because it can be used on any device anywhere.   That freedom is important to me as our family has Apple, Androind and Windows devices.   


I hope that helps

I used to have a preimuim subscription with Spotify until they snubbed Canada with the lack of family plan. Went to Google Play instead, pretty good

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