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Family plan subscription for Canada


Family plan subscription for Canada

Is the Spotify Family plan available yet in Canada? 


My wife and I both have the free accounts and would like to switch to the family plan, however when we click on Upgrade, we don't see any kind of link to the family plan. 




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Hey Davor,


Yup...was stopped cold at the American credit card.  I've got an office in the US so I guess no better time than the present to get a US card.



People are still hoping for a Spotify Family Plan? Time to move on to greener pastures (be it Apple Music or Google Play); clearly Spotify is NOT the platform for us Canadians...

Some people have a year or more invested in the Spotify eco-system.  I tried Apple music and it is terrible (though they did just push an update out that might change things).


I have a US American Express on the way.  Was very easy to get.

Done last week.... moved to google music and cancelled Spotify. No familly plan, the impossibility to save anything on the SD card and the fact that Spotify just don't give a sh... about their customers, just killed it for me. For the last 1.5 year I haven't been able to save anything properly on the SD card! That's 18 mounths without one single usefull update! Anyway, after each updates, Spotify would forget about my SD card and all the music on it, go back to the phone memory, fill it up completely and then crash.


Don't really like google but the kids love it. Still can't figure out why it's not possible to save-like and artist on google??? Anyway, it is done and for those of you who are afraid to leave Spotify, don't forget that you will still have access to the free version. Usefull for at least make sure you transfered all your artists on google. I compared the choices on each and Google got way better in the last year, up to the point it has basically the same choices as Spotify, just not the same albums sometimes.... tested them with old punk rock 🙂


Googd luck with Spotify and scre... you Spotify.

This is most definitely due to their arrangement with Rogers. Having a family plan available to the general public would weaken Rogers ability to advertise the free Spotify accounts you get with specific accounts.

This is exactly why Net Neutrality is so important. No they aren't prioritizing Spotify traffic but we need consumer protection in place that don't allow non-competitive deals between content providers and telecommunication giants.

Just switched from Spotify to Apple. I still prefer Spotify and it's unfortunate might switch back if the price changes and they add the family plan.

Cancelled my whole families monthly subscriptions and got a couple friends to switch over from Spotify with us to Google Music for their family plan, couldn't wait any longer. Not a smart business move by the company (Spotify), gain some temporary dollars from a big corporation like Rogers, however your customer loyalty takes a hit.

It's a shame , i tried the premium and did love it .

I was hoping for the family plan so i can share with my roomates as single users are expensive .

But the lack of family plans has me looking out for alternatives . I was holding it until now as i really like spotify but it has been 2 years since the announcement and spotify seemes to be doing nothing so mostly looking at google music .


Welcome to coporate contract restrictions.

Well, we've just cancelled our last "family" subscription. We'd be paying $30+ per month with Spotify, but instead we're going to pay $15+. So we're going to save over $200 a year using Apple Music, which has all the songs Spotify has but also works with Siri. Now while I'm driving I can just say "play music by...", or "play [song title]". Can't beat that. Bye Spotify! Enjoy your new life with Rogers (I've already gotten them out of my life).

Count me amongst the many Canadians who would love to subscribe to Spotify Premium but can't because we get no Family Plan love. Apple Music it is, for the forseeable future.

Apple music is now a great alternative to Spotify. Their last update really made the whole interface much more user friendly. Their curated playlists are also much more established. I just cancelled my Spotify premium and have already transferred over a few of my own playlists to Apple Music. I won't be switching back to Spotify even if they start offering the family plan. They obviously care more about their deal with Rogers than their original users.

Why can't someone from Spotify provide a real answer? I am considering leaving Spotify for Apple Music if they refuse to offer a family plan. 

They won't because their contract with Rogers prohibits them.

Thanks. I guess they just lost another user.

I had single user Spotify premium for a little over a year and really liked it.  Six months ago now I quit Spotify because of their lack of a family account (I wanted to get my wife and kids phones all hooked up).


I went to Google Music for $14.99/mth for 6 user accounts and I love it.


  • The Google catalouge is just as good as Spotify in my experience (so is Apple from what I hear).
  • Having the ability to upload my own mp3 music files to my Google Music account for some of the more obscure songs I like and have collected over the past 20 years is very handy.
  • The Google Music Random/Mood/Artist/Activity Station selections and music are much better than what Spotify has to offer.
  • Being able to control my music via "Ok Google" voice commands is invaluable while driving, much like a Apple user commented on using Siri.
  • Being able to access music from a web browser without installing additional software is certainly useful at work where IT locks down software installs on computers.

The bottom line is when I went over to Google Music in March I was aprehensive about the change.  Now, after using Google for half a year, I have no regrets, I'm happy I made the change, and I won't be going back to Spotify even if they do open up Canadian family accounts to non-Rogers users.

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Premium for Family is now available in Canada.

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Good to see Spotify finally open up their family plans to non-Rogers customers. Sadly, it took them almost two years to listen to their customers. In that time, I and many other previous Spotify premium customers have moved on to Google Play Music and Apple Music. And quite frankly, I have no reason to come back, see above post.


Oh well still good news, for those still using Spotify and looking for a family plan.


Thanks for the update Maxim.

Definitely great news for those that decided to wait it out. Unfortunately, like the gentleman above me, I already jumped ship for Google Music, and I'm loving it. Unfortunately, they're about 2 months too late to keep me as a customer, as there's no compelling reason to put the work into moving my entire family back.

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