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Family prem - missed payment has now deleted all playlists

Family prem - missed payment has now deleted all playlists

  • I recently moved from Canada to Ireland with my family. It asked me to update my payment plans which I failed to do before it logged me and all my family out. I have set up the account again but 1) will not let me add any of the same family members back on (saying they can’t add to a premium account more than once a year, although it’s the same account) and 2) has deleted all playlist history I had. Desperately seeking help here. 
    kind regards, sorcha
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Hi @Scorcha1993,


Sorry about that!
Firstly, regarding your playlists, you can definitely recover them - here is the official step-by-step guide to recovering them: 


With regards to adding your family plan - have you changed your country settings to Ireland? As your family plan stopped, the premium method of not having to change the settings may have stopped as well.


Another way is, if you successfully re-subscribe to Premium Family on the original plan manager’s account, then you should be able to invite your family members to the Premium Family plan again by following these steps.


Spotify users are only allowed to change Premium Family plans once every 12 months; however, since in your case the family members would be re-joining the same plan as before, they shouldn’t have any issues with being invited.


Hope this helps! Let me know how you go. 😄




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Hello, thanks for the reply. Yes I tried adding my family members again but it said that can only be added to an account once every 12 months. Same account and same family members but it's not working. Really strange and obviously annoying.

In regards to the playlists I tried the steps listed and it just constantly tells me that there was an error and to try later. Again same account and as mentioned before I didn't delete them. Spotify did after it logged me out for not updating my payment method in time. I really don't understand why it deleted everything for a later payment. Can this be looked into?

Thanks for your help 🙂


Hey again @Sorcha1993,


Thanks for getting back in touch.


We can confirm that when a payment isn't successfully processed and your account is reverted to the free service, your content (liked songs, playlists, etc.) isn't removed. In this case, you might have another account.


We recommend checking out this article on how to find any other accounts you may have.


If your family members are trying to join the same plan as before but are seeing an error message, we recommend reaching out to our Support team so they can further look into what's going on. It can be through any of these channels.


We hope this helps. If you have any questions, give us a shout.



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