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Father's lost premium account troubles

Father's lost premium account troubles

Hello everyone,


I'm working as tech support for my father (again) and ran into quite the pickle - he's being charged for Spotify premium on an account he no longer has access to.


We know the username, but don't know the email or the password. When we try to reset the password, the rest link never reaches our inbox. 


I was wondering if there was a way to contact Spotify to cancel the premium subscription so we can reregister for a new account with premium.


I have bank statements and photo IDs if neccisary. 



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Hey @thefieldsofdawn, help's here!


Sorry to hear that your father's having some confusion with Spotify.


We'd recommend getting in contact with us directly via email, or by tweeting our support handle. We'll be able to help you out further and take a look under the hood.


If you already know the username, that's great. Let us know that when you contact us, and we'll be able to change the account's email address and help you reset the password as needed. We'll also be able to make any changes to the subscription from our end.



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