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Fed up-- Log in/Account troubles

Fed up-- Log in/Account troubles

I am a paying Spotify Premium member-- have been for years. About a month ago, I was somehow logged out of my account, and could not for the life of me log back in again.


As soon as I log in to my Spotify account, another window pops up asking me to log in again using my username and password. Every time I do this I get an error message. I know my username and password is correct, because I even have tried resetting my password multiple times. I have also tried updated the app as suggested, but nothing works. I have not been able to use Spotify on my phone or other devices for a weeks. I am a Premium costumer with a busy schedule so this is more than a little frustrating. When I am able to log in, it is through Facebook, which I am almost positive my original premium account it not connected to, mainly because when I do this it's a free account, and none of my playlists are there. Whenever I try to reset my username it circles me back to Facebook. I've emailed Spotify costumer support with my problem, and it seems all I got was an automated response sending me to the FAQ pages, or to the community. I enjoy Spotify, but I am being CHARGED as a spotify premuim member, with absolutely no way/help of how to access my account, at least not the account I'm paying for. 

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I even had to log into an account to access this community! Currently on my free connected to Facebook account. I have the receipts to prove I have premium. I want access to the account I am paying for with the playlists I've created and subscribed to over the years. 

It sounds like you have set up a duplicate account on your Facebook somehow. If you could reply directly to the automated email pointing you to the community that will bump your case over to an adviser who can lend a hand.

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