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Finished 30 day trial, still ads to try it

Finished 30 day trial, still ads to try it

I did the 30 day trial late 2012, yet spotify still bombards me with ads to try premium! Is this not the most basic data that spotify collects? When I click on the trial link, it of course says 
"It appears that you've already been a premium user and this trial is only valid for new users. If you'd like you can still upgrade your account to premium at any time."

PLEASE stop telling me about the free trial. Which I can't get.
On another note - it would be great to get a free trial once a year or so. I've already almost forgotten the benefits of the trial, and its only been 8 months.


(Also, maybe add the word "spotify" to the community post spell check.)

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Hey 🙂 


The best place to suggest any changes to the Spotify service is over on the Ideas Exchange here where they can collect feedback, kudos and comments from other community members and staff. 


Also, the spell check issue is known and has been for a while. I think the issue is Spotify don't have direct access to the dictionary to change it! If you press "Learn" then it should learn it for your profile. 



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