Following 56, Followers 0 - any ideas?

Following 56, Followers 0 - any ideas?


Could it be a setting?

The majority of people I am following are actual friends that I found via the "find friends" button that's linked to FB. Just wanna be sure I am visible on that list should they do the same. The others I am following are bands. Not sure if it matters, but I have the family premium plan and my login is used on my iphone and windows 10 app. Any suggestions?



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There shouldnt be an issue with the following button? How long have you been on Spotify? Sometimes it gets pretty tricky when it comes to notifications and seeing that you have obtained a new follower. I would suggest connecting your Spotify to your Facebook so your friends can see that you're active thus hitting you with a follow! 


Hope that helps! 




Thank you! I’ve been on spotify about a year. I do think it’s an issue of no notification, but will check the FB settings. I just think it’s cool to see what others are listening to and discovering new music that way, so want it working the best it can.


Thank you! 

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