Foreign Activity Detected in Account

Foreign Activity Detected in Account



In the past week, I've noticed an unknown device named "Ariel" using my Spotify account to follow playlists and artists. I have tried to reset my Spotify password to no avail, as the link that is supposedly sent to my registered email was never received despite repeatedly re-sending it. 


An attempt to use the reset password link in the Spotify App's login page also leads me to a page that tells me I am attempting to login via a Facebook account, and my password should therefore be changed from Facebook. Now despite having done that, the unknown user continues to have access to my Spotify account. 


What is going on here? I have been a premium user since 2014, and this has never happened. Appreciate the assistance.



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Been a while with no response. I encountered the same thing recently and couldn't solve the problem without deleting my account. I believe it stems from even when you click "log out of everywhere" on both facebook and spotify, facebook does not truly log you out of applications. It simply stops you from posting due to "invalid token" and you will need to login again to access the account. 


This does still allow the individual to use the "login with facebook" on their device. My solution due to being unable to disconnect my facebook because it was how I originally signed up was deleting my account, creating a new one, and for now I will leave my facebook unconnected. Basically, if they realize they can't access the my account due to deletion they'll eventually logout of my account fully and I can reconnect. If it occurs again I'll contact both spotify and facebook support.


In your case though it might be good to go ahead and contact the support now. (if this is still happening). 


I hope this helps!

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