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Hi, I tried emailing but I got an email back directing me here.

So, basically, I got logged out of Spotify and I don’t remember the email or the username associating it. I’ve tried all the emails I remember creating but none of them worked and I am very frustrated and distraught.

I am on my mom’s family plan. I can give you her email too. If you could tell me the email(s) associated with that family plan, that would be amazing.

You can even email her and she will confirm the situation.

If you can help me, thank you so much and email me privately so I can give you her email.


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Hi @seaoux

If your mom is the family account owner just tell her to visit this address: and click on your name there. It will show the email address you used to register in Spotify just under your name.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, I’m sure it would’ve helped but I just realized my mom no longer has Spotify premium so there’s probably no other way to get my account back unfortunately

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