Forgot my username, password AND email


Forgot my username, password AND email


Subject. This is a problem. What can I do? I logged out thinking my username and password would stay but they didn't.

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Had to purchase a new phone forgot my email username and password for my account for Spotify help how do I get my old account back


I hope someone can help I forgot my password to my musically and I don’t have my email or any social media attached to it so I can’t figure out how to get my account back??!!!!

Ive forgotten my username and email so am unable to log in. I have tried to contact Spotify but need to log in to do this so am unsure how to get in touch with them?

I can reminded my account

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I created an account through Facebook and now it's saying I don't have an account linked to Facebook? And it's charged me £9.99 when I haven't used it?


I have the same problem!!! and Spotify is arrogantly ignoring my emails!!!! Did you manage to solve the problem?

My wife and I got a divorce so I took over the payments on the account. I need to reset the username and password. I have a new phone now and I cannot log into it

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Someone help I forgot my username, password, and EMAIL! Also to make things worst for me it was a fake email and to make it even worst I paid for spotify permuim and I can't cancle it! Someone give me so adivice ASAP!!!

I JUST GOT PREMIUM RIGHT IN TIME for my run then realised I used my wrong email instead!!! And now I can't change the password since I used my wrong dam email ending!! Please help me

Did you ever figure this out? My wife is having the same problem (deleted app and forgot email associated with it). Any help would be appreciated!

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Is it fixed? Because I have the same problem and I want to fix it

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Hey @romybos


Check out my reply to your post:

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hope you can help !!!! had spotify app on iphone 4s, accidently deleted app, cannot remember any login details, it was a premium account.  I have created new login to access community, tried log in from facebook, diddnt work. pls help

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I suggest you submit an online contact form and someone at Spotify will look into this for you. If you get an automated reply, make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply) and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.

@farahusman wrote:

hope you can help !!!! had spotify app on iphone 4s, accidently deleted app, cannot remember any login details, it was a premium account.  I have created new login to access community, tried log in from facebook, diddnt work. pls help


hey spotify community


I've got 2 spotify accounts. one fb-account and one private account with spotify premium. Actually I deleted the spotify app on my iphone and now I can't remember my username and password. I would like to use my private account again since I pay for it every month. Is there anyone who can help me out? thanks in advance


Is this an facebook account or a Spotify Orignal account?


If it's a facebook account used to login to Spotify then it's not Spotify's issue, you need to contact facebook for that.


If it's an Original Spotify account then contact support here:


They will need to take extra secruity details, which this is somehting that you and them can't discuss on the forums.




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Hi i just made this new account so i can post on here i reset my phone and forgot my email and password the email isn't something i can remember because it was random letters, i signed up for premium with that account i don't want to be charged for an account i'm not using please help.


Hi i only have my username as random numbers but i forgot the facebook email and password! How can retrieve it? Help! Username:12145259954


I forgot my username, password and email. I need to get in to my account to stop payment on my Spotify premium because I know have Spotify family.

How can I log in to my Spotify premium to stop it?


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I am having the same problem and I can’t log into anything or log out and can’t cancel my payment , I only know my username but I don’t know my email OR password and I’m not sure of which card I’m being charged in , anyone help please ?? !!!