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Forgot my username, password AND email

Forgot my username, password AND email

Subject. This is a problem. What can I do? I logged out thinking my username and password would stay but they didn't.

25 Replies

I forgot my username, password and email. I need to get in to my account to stop payment on my Spotify premium because I know have Spotify family.

How can I log in to my Spotify premium to stop it?


Bjørn Ravnestad

I am having the same problem and I can’t log into anything or log out and can’t cancel my payment , I only know my username but I don’t know my email OR password and I’m not sure of which card I’m being charged in , anyone help please ?? !!! 

I hope someone can help I forgot my password to my musically and I don’t have my email or any social media attached to it so I can’t figure out how to get my account back??!!!!

Had to purchase a new phone forgot my email username and password for my account for Spotify help how do I get my old account back

Hi i only have my username as random numbers but i forgot the facebook email and password! How can retrieve it? Help! Username:12145259954

Hi i just made this new account so i can post on here i reset my phone and forgot my email and password the email isn't something i can remember because it was random letters, i signed up for premium with that account i don't want to be charged for an account i'm not using please help.

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