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Free 30 day trial - extended version?

Free 30 day trial - extended version?

So, before I bought a Spotify giftcard, I wanted to try whether Premium really was worth the money.
I signed up for the 30 Day Trial and planned to unsubscribe before the trial expired. This being because a friend let me use her creditcard when subscribing and I didn't want her to pay for my Premium subscription after the trial. My trial is supposed to end tomorrow and so I thought it wise to cancel it now, but when I did so, it told me that my subscription would end on March 20th. Does this mean that it extended the subscription before the trial ended? Or did an extra month of free premium just wildly appear? It would really suck if it extended the trial using money from my friends creditcard, since I'm not the richest of persons and have just bought a Spotify giftcard a few days ago, because I decided to go with premium. Have more people had this problem? (Spotify extending your subscription before the trial ended?)
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Hi! If you are certain that you have canceled your trial period then there's nothing to be worried about! Keep in mind that it may take some time for the subscription to be disabled on your account and the date Match 20th is probably a mistake (happens!). If your friend's credit card gets charged, you will need to use this contact form and I can assure you that Spotify agents will be more than happy to assist you in such a case.


Hope that helps!

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