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Free 7 day trial still running after I accepted invite for Premium for Family?

Free 7 day trial still running after I accepted invite for Premium for Family?

So I downloaded the Spotify app last week and started the 7day free trial. I loved the software and my boyfriend decided to get Premium For Family with his account today. He added me to the Family account. Our goal is to make playlists together so we can listen to them in the car. Now, the problem is that I'm not seeing anything in my Spotify app on my smartphone. My account over there is still 'Free' as the Free trial was still running. I removed the app, downloaded it again and logged in and got the same 'We hope you enjoy your 7 day free trial!' message again. My account is still labelled as 'free'.

When I go to the browser version, my account is 'Premium' but I still cant see the playlists that my boyfriend made or he can't see mine. This while I did make my playlists collaborative, and so did he.


Can someone help me with this issue? Is my account going 'Premium' on my smartphone after the free trial ends? Is it just interfering with the free trial and still labelling me as free and will it automatically change to Premium in the next few days?



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Hey @skyeatsairplane! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


No worries!

Yes, your account will turn into Spotify Premium for Family after the 7 days free trial.

And does your profile page say that you've got Spotify Premium for Family?


Let me know how it goes! ^^


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