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Free Account artist playlist you cant see

Free Account artist playlist you cant see





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Suggestion!! I use Spotify free account and since you made the new layout changes for the app a feature that I use to be able to use is gone unless I become a premium user. Artist create personal playlists to share with fans for example songs that inspired them, favorite songs etc. Before the new layout I use to be able to search for a artist and under the section I could see upcoming concerts thats gone, the artists personal play lists that's gone too. The only way you can see this is if a artist shares the link to the personal playlist on fb or instagram and then you can click and save to your personal library by following. But if I actually try to search for the artist personal play lists they made you cant fnd it. If your only using the free account you cant see it under the artist profile when you search for the artist. You can only see this if the artist shares it on a diff social media or your premium on spotify. PLEASE CHANGE THIS BACK FOR FREE USERS TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE ARTISTS PERSONAL PLAY LIST. You use to be able to see it before and now its gone. Along with showing upcoming concerts. Also the layout for free member's does not look good. You should have kept it how it was in the beginning.Thanks


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If you go directly to a specific artist you should be able to see their playlists and upcoming concerts if you scroll down. If you still can't then the only way to change this at the moment would be to upgrade to premium. Btw it's totally worth it and I'm personally really glad I upgraded, but I understand if you can't.

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