Free Trial or Family Subscription?

Free Trial or Family Subscription?

Can anyone advise me what to do? Daughter bought herself an iPod shuffle. Not thinking it through, we now realise she will need to join some kind of music subscription service to download music to play offline. 

If she starts her 30 day free premium trial, what happens to any music she downloads to the iPod shuffle in that time? Have Spotify got any way of wiping that from her iPod, or will any music she puts on there, remain? 

Also, if the above is not an option, and I decide to start a family subscription for myself, her and my two sons, someone told me only one person can stream music at a time. Is that right? Often I will be listening to something downstairs while at least two of them are upstairs listening to something different! 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hello @mrscriss2012. If your daughter makes available offline, at the end of the trial the music will be erased automatically. We would strongly recommend the family plan, we are subscribed to that plan and have no problem streaming in two accounts at once. You would have that issue with a personal subscription. Hope we answered your question.




Thank you, that helps a lot! 

Hey @mrscriss2012,


Unfortunately, it's not possible to download Spotify Music onto an iPod Shuffle. Spotify plays music inside of it's app. To download the Spotify app you have to have an iPod Touch. Check out the requirements here.


If you subscribe to a Family plan, all members will have their own account which means that music can be played at the same time.


Hope this helps!

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Hey there!


First of all, you can unfortunately  not get Spotify on an iPod shuffle. 


Secondly, any music Saved for Offline with not be offline after the 30 days are up.


Lastly, Spotify Family is great. I myself use it. As long as all of you have your own accounts hooked up to the plan, you can all listen to separate music at the same time.


Any other questions?




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