Free premium trial not working.


Free premium trial not working.

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I just began the free premium trial. I started it from a computer by signing onto the website. Then I went to my iPhone to start using premium (which I was super excited about) but my iPhone doesn't seem to recognize that I started the premium trial. I have signed out/signed in, deleted the app/re-downloaded it, and checked my account using safari from my iPhone and it says I've began my premium trial and will start to charge me on 5/23/13 if I do not cancel. BUT when I go to listen to a song on demand from the app, it says that only premium users can stream on demand......I'm about to quit and go back to pandora because this is so frustrating! Any help?
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Re: Free premium trial not working.

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You may have to just wait for the push from Spotify's network to feed all of your devices the newest update to your subscription status...there has been a delay lately for many.
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