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Free subscription through rogers

Free subscription through rogers

I have a free 2 year premium subscription through Rogers, it's only been less then a year yet my profile switched back to basic, why?
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Hey @asianlumberjack! First I would check to make sure that you're still logged in to the right account. Second accounts happen to be far more common than you think, and they can occasionally cause issues (like this one). If your account is connected to Facebook, I'd try logging in without Facebook to see if that sorts things out. 


If that doesn't sort things out, then you'll want to reach out to Rogers and see what explanation they have, since they are the ones managing your subscription. Let me know how it goes, and if there are any further troubles, or you can't get this sorted, we'll see what else I can come up with to get this fixed. Best of luck!

I am logged into the correct account, and Rogers still shows I have a premium subscription.

Hey @asianlumberjack. Could you quickly try logging out and then back into the app for me?

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