Frequent purchases of e-cards

Frequent purchases of e-cards


Hello community!

I buy a lot of e-card codes from time to time and I have some problems with it.

I had to buy 7 one- month codes and after 4th I got a message that error occurred and try again.

Unfortunately repeating a purchase is not a solution. I tried using paypal and visa payment.

Sometimes I can log in paypal but when I click 'make a payment' button  still get an error.

1.Is it cookies connected issue?

2. Are there any limitations per day?

3. Any ideas?

I hope you will help me to solve this problem 🙂


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I am pretty certain there is a restriction on how many eCards you are allowed to purchase in one day, but I can't find a reference to back up that statement anywhere other than from my memory of reading it somewhere here on the community. 



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