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Friend's Feed Disappeared

Friend's Feed Disappeared


This morning, I came into work, turned on my computer, and the feed for my friend is gone.  I can't see what she's listening to.  There is a button for me to "Find Friends" and then it takes me to a page to link with Facebook.  I've never had to do this before.  I am still following her and she is still following me.  I know she hasn't used Spotify in a day or so, but that shouldn't be long enough to shut down her feed, is it?  Is there something I need to or can do to get the feed back?  We are both huge music people and are constantly recommending music to each other via this feature.  Can someone get back to me ASAP?

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And yes, I've logged out, logged in.  Uninstalled, reinstalled.  Unclicked show friend activity and then reclicked it.  Still has the "See what your friends are playing..." prompt.

I have the same problem. Started yesterday. Still following the same people and they are still following me but I can no longer see them in my feed or what they are listening too.

Same here. In a LDR, and it's our main way of keeping connected at work.

I'm having these issues as well. Mine just started today. Any info would be appreciated!

having the same issue. Not sure if it's because my friend appears to have two accounts - one connected to facebook and the other I assume not. the one that is not connected to fb does not appear on the feed. it was there like a few hours ago. 

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