From Family member back to premium member


From Family member back to premium member

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I was a premium member and I just got a family membership (1+5) and set the payment plan for it.

My purpose for joining the family plan was only to be able to sync and play all my play lists offline (under one same account) in my 5 devices (Win7 PC, Macbook Pro, Android Note 4, iPad Air 2, Android Car Stereo system with wifi capabilty). You know Spotify limits the number of devices to 3.

Then, I realized I misunderstood the family plan concept of Spotify by learning that the other 5 members must have totally different Spotify accounts with different emails etc. That was not what I wanted. I don't want to create and deal with different 5 accounts etc. All are me eventually.

Question 1:
When I cancel my family account, it seems I will be back to free membership, which means all my downloaded songs (which I can play offline now) will be deleted in 3 my devices and I will have to download them all again. Is that correct ? What I want is to be a premium member again without the necessity to download all songs again in my 3 devices.

Question 2:
Is there anyway (any spotify membership plan) to play in offline mode on 5 devices under one single account based on one si gle email address ? I am not worried about the price etc. I can pay for it. I love Spotify, its quality, its archive etc.

P.s. As of now, my temporary solution for 5 devices sync is to share all my play lists with another spotify premium account, which also belongs to me and also download them to play offline. Basically, one premium account for 3 devices under one premium account and 2 devices under another premium account. However, I am not happy with this solution.
I want;
One account
One mail
Sync 5 devices
Play offline on all 5 devices
And I can handle whatever the cost it takes.

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Re: From Family member back to premium member

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By the way, I have to mention that the negative things about having two premium accounts are;
* Everytime I create a playlist with songs under account no.1, I have to send a mail to my other no.2 account's mail to share my list.
* It is the same process as above when the case is vice-versa (no. 2 creates a playlist and share it with no.1)
* I have to make sure to check the mail, click on the link for playlist and follow it and then make sure I set it to listen offline. 4 steps to remember in order to complete the process and keep all 5 devices synced.
Basically, it is just hard to deal with two accounts, two mails etc.

I believe Spotify (with its reputation and technology) should come up with an expanded membership plan which covers more than 3 devices (ie. 5 devices in my cases) at a reasonable but definetely higher price. I believe my case is not a rare case as I have many friends (who love and use Spotify) with at least 4 devices. Nowadays, each device I own has a special job in my daily life.