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From premium to family

From premium to family

So upgraded from premium to family last month, was some issues with the bank so we had to update the bankinginfo and got to buy family again. But here is the problem, now spotify even took money for the premium part and that is bs.

Since it is impossible to find out how to get in contact with spotify and need to ask here, how to i proceed with this?


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Hey there @cptcrank and welcome to the community!


That doesn't sound quite right. Don't worry though, I'd recommend you get in touch with a member of the Spotify staff so that they can take a look under the hood for you 🙂 To do that, you can send them a tweet or DM to their twitter @SpotifyCares or by using the contact form. Keep in mind that if you use the form, you'll get an automated reply directing you back to the help pages that you will need to reply to, even if it's a no-reply!

Support usually gets back within 24-48 hours.

Hope this was helpful!



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Ah okey, ill do that! Thanks for your help!

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