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From premium to free without reason again and again

From premium to free without reason again and again


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Again and again i have been having problems with my spotify account, that drives me crazy! Constumor service hasnt been helping me out.


Today, as i opened my Spotify after using it all day, i was logged out, without any reason. As i wanted to login, a notification popped up that i couldnt use spotify "abroad after 14 days" so i was ought to change the country in my Profile, which immidiatly turned my spotify from premium into free. 


I have had a Dutch account for over years, and i have been living in austria for over 1.5 year now (definitly longer as 14 days!) and never had this problem! Im a student and i dont have a creditcard which is needed to sign up for premium in austria, where in holland you can do it with ideal. 


I dont get why i got kicked out of premium after using it for 1.5 year in a different country, and now in all of a sudden i got kicked out to free. I am extremly mad about the fact that my spotify account has already been hacked multiple times, although this is a different topic, and the costumor service wont help me out. I am a COSTUMOR and i PAY to use your services! You should be obliged to satisfy your costumors instead of making useless problems wherefore the constumors themself can not do a thing. I want this problem to be solved, as i pay have always payed for your services. I want a solution. 








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Hi there @1157350542,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


What you're describing sounds like your account identifies you live in one country while your payment details are from a different country, it then reverts your account back to Free (each user needs to provide a payment issued in the same country their account is listed to) and it logs you out.


Please visit your account overview page at and provide me with the following :


-Current subscription you're on

- Which country is listed under you current details ?

- Does it match the place you live at the moment ?

- Have you provided a payment method matching the country listed ?


Bear in mind that as  you mentioned being a student, you need your university country to be the one listed in your details.

You can read more about the student plan here.


Thanks for your patience.

Waiting on your update 🙂

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