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German Language | How to disable Gender * stars?

German Language | How to disable Gender * stars?

Hi, is there a way to disable the Gender Stars in German Language in the Spotify app?

For example "Artist" was previously named "Künstler". Now its "Künstler*innen"

Or "for this Artist..." was previously "für diesen Künstler..." now it's "für diese(n) Künstler*in...".


It's all over the App and makes most of the Text and Interface very hard to read.

Why did Spotify change the spelling? It even is grammatically incorrect...


If there is a way to disable it and return to previous spelling please tell me how.

If not please make it available in the settings so that people can choose what they prefer.


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Hey there @Relex,

Thanks for searching for the answer you need here!


Currently the gender star can't be deactivated via app settings. However, it seems that other Spotify users also mentioned they'd like to see in this feature added and posted an idea. You can add your support there by voting for this idea. We make sure to inform users there on any developments.      

You can also find more info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange in this Spotify Answer.

Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Have an awesome day!  

This would not be an acceptable solution. Only if correct German is the default setting and  genderized language could be optionally enabled.


If you would do this you would instantly see the the vast majority would not enable it because several independent representative surveys proved that the majority of native german speakers, men and  women, disagrees with this improper and political language.

After having used Spotify in English for years (more than 10 I think) I was shocked to see how the DE Interface looks like nowadays. Sorry, I can't read this <bleep>. And I won't support these nonsensical changes with my subscription.

I changed to Amazon Music, saves me 2 euro per month and at least they leave me alone with any ideas purely driven by ideology.


The gender star is a strong political statement and as such has no business in the spotify app. Please make it optional at least.

There are many reasons to assume that this language change can not be integrated into the German language and as such is confusing the natural language competence of German speakers.

There are almost 200 votes for this change. In the light of it only pertaining to Spotify Germany and not really changing the funcionality per se, this is a lot.

The majority of Germans do not want this kind of language and I would not choose Spotify anymore as a music service, because of it. I'm not giving up on you yet, though, but only because it would be cumbersome to migrate to a new service.

Dear Lord, 

Please make Spotify stop the forcefeeding with gender* in german and make it possible to switch to normal german in the settings.


i think the same, now spotify says Follower:innen, that is disgusting that you now change the english words too. please spotify, give us the option to disable that! 

Let's file this idea again, it's obvious after two years that the Gendersternchen makes language unreadable. I want to switch it off. Please help me sign a new "idea" again. Thanks.










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Win 11


My Question or Issue

I scrolled through the settings menu and i found this woke genderspeech. how can I use spotify without it?

Wann wird endlich dieses leidige Gendersternchen abgeschafft. Keiner willl das !! Bitte entfernen Sie aus der App endlich diese sprachliche Verunglimpfung !!

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