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Germany: Can't purchase / download purchased music

Germany: Can't purchase / download purchased music

Hi there,

First off, great to see that Spotify is now available in Germany!

Now, here's the problem I encountered: Having purchased a 15-song-ticket-thingy and wanting to download the first 7 of those songs, it downloaded the first 5 just fine - and then it stopped right in the middle of song 6 and I couldn't start it up again. Rebooting the program (on two different computers) only resulted in the disappearance of the "Download" section in the program menu (the one on the left, where "Downloads" originally showed below "Starred"). What's more, the "purchase" option itself completely disappeared and I no longer seem to have the option to purchase any songs at all.

Is this a German thing? It might be as it originally identified Switzerland as my country of residence and I edited the payment details in order to buy that 15-songs-ticket...


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