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Get original account - facebook issue

Get original account - facebook issue

Spotify Case # 01956069


Here's what I sent:

I accidentally linked 2 different spotify accounts whilst doing one for a friend 
to one facebook account  (because you use that auto-login facebook thing) and 
now I can't access my account, it just logs into his with my facebook profile 

The facebook email login for the account I want to regain access to is 
Ja*******@*** This is the one I want unlinking, username jimmyfair123 
with email df9******.com. I've already tried unlinking facebook under 
preferences in spotify and it hasn't worked.

Thanks.  Jake 

And I get this back:
"Thanks for getting in touch with us. We’ll have your account sorted out in no time!
If you log into Spotify with your username and password and somebody else's Facebook profile appears, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Spotify desktop app.
  2. Click Edit in the menu bar and select Preferences. (Mac: Spotify > Preferences)
  3. Under Social Network, click Disconnect from Facebook.
  4. Click Disconnect again to confirm.
  5. If you want to connect your own Facebook account, click Connect.
  6. Enter your Facebook Email and Password then click Log In.
Note: It may take 24 hours for the changes to be visible.

We look forward to hearing back from you. And if you have any other questions, or something else I can do for you, let us know.

Have an amazing day!
Juan Gabriel "

Didn't I say in my original message that this hasn't worked? I'd quite like my original account back along with all the songs I saved. Can anyone here find somebody who can help?
Thanks in advance. 
Here are the details for my original account too, 
Username/ID:    1158294716
Date:           2014-07-29 12:13 UTC
Order ID:       403731390015
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We'll take a look at your Case now.


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Thanks a lot!


I sent this reply, I'm posting it here just in case (or if it helps get it sorted faster)



The main issue is that I never made any playlists, I liked the songs I heard using the radio feature on spotify and they were added to the "songs" section on spotify, so would this be transferred? 
My main issue basically is losing those songs I found. 
If these can be transferred, then great. Can you just transfer them onto the 'jimmyfair123' account, we both live in the same house so I'll make a new account at some point.
Yes, can you please disconnect the Facebook profile (Jake Roberts) from the spotify account Jimmyfair123 (assuming this won't delete the Jimmyfair123 account)
Thanks in advance for helping out with this!

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