Getting Kicked out of my Account - CONSTANTLY!

Getting Kicked out of my Account - CONSTANTLY!




I have been having this problem for the last week now.  I log into my phone or my computer and start playing then I get kicked saying my account is being used elsewhere.


So I then take the following steps;

1) LOG OUT EVERYONE via spotify's profile option



I reload Spotify, log in via my new password and start playing...Sure enough 5 minutes go by and I get kicked from the account I logged everything out of and changed the password.  


What is going on and how can this be fixed?  I pay for premium but starting to question it if I have 30 min of troubeshooting to do before each time I listen to music.


TLDR: Signed devices out, changed password, yet still getting kicked from account being used "elsewhere".



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Hi there, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.

We're sorry to hear that you're getting this message on your Spotify account.

As you've already changed your password, and logged out everywhere, please check out the FAQ page here. This will outline the next steps we'd recommend taking.



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