Getting my own playlist on my artist page


Getting my own playlist on my artist page


It seems that with so many playlists on spotify I dont think they're indexed unless they have a big following? Either way I'm trying to add some playlists I've created to my Artist page. Just to show engagement as well as some of my personal influences and who helped me into certain stages of my playing. Am I just not able to do that? I search for my playlist on my artist page but only a couple of results will pop up and they aren't mine and have a huge following. I'm very new to all this but want to make Spotify a main part of promotion for my ongoing content, someone have any advice?

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Re: Getting my own playlist on my artist page




I literally just experienced the same problem. 


Go to your playlist and click the share icon, then copy the link to clipboard. 

Go to your artist page and paste the URL in the playlist search bar, it should come up! 


Hope this helped.