Gift Card Redeemed to Wrong Account

Gift Card Redeemed to Wrong Account


Hope someone can help me. I wanted to get my dad a 12 month subscription but also create an account for him so I can have all his music setup for him for Christmas Day.


So not to give the game away, I used my own email address as the recipient. (Not the same address as the one my own Spotify account is connected to).


I logged into this email account and redeemed the gift. But it was automatically added to my own Spotify account because I was signed into that account on this device. 


So I need to transfer the 12 month subscription to the new account I've setup for my dad.


I can't figure out how to contact someone in Spotify directly as I assume this is something that they will need to do.


Can someone help?


Thanks and Merry Christmas!




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Hey @orlavdz!
In this case, we'd recommend you get in touch with us via this contact form.
You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.
Give us a shout, we'll be happy to help.

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