Gift card not activated

Gift card not activated


I bought this gift card two days ago. I had some troubles activating it. I got the message 'oops something went wrong, please try again' multiple times. After trying for a while it worked and I got the menu where I could choose for 2 months unlimited, 1 month premium or 10 downloads. I chose the 1 month premium option.
But my subscribtion still is Spotify free. When I try activating the PIN of the gift card again i got the same 'oops' message.


This really pisses me off.


More people with this problem?  And could someone of the Spotify team help me with this issue?



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Same problem here. I'm switching to another musicserver. Just let it go. No more spotify for me.


Me too, help us please !


Hey guys!


There is an ongoing issue with the premium code redemption system. Fingers crossed it will be sorted out soon, a lot of users are being effected by this 😞


In the meantime, there is an official topic on this issue which I would recommend you read here.



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Strange things are going on...


I tried activing the code a few times. Got the oops messega, but I kept spamming the activate button.

Then I came into the choice menu. I clicked on premium, but it gave me an error. I spammed the activate premium button.

It worked three times, the first two times my subscription was still free. But after the third time my subscription is premium.



my tip: keep trying.

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