Give access to followers but not to non followers?

Give access to followers but not to non followers?



My Question or Issue

 I want people that follows us on FB to get access to our playlists here on Spotify. 

Is that possible? 

Or how can i do this? In a similar way?

Non followers shall not get access. 

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Hi @sofreshsoclean

Don't know if it is applicable in your situation but you can make a playlist private and share it with the people you want. Only the ones following it will be able to see it.


To do so, you need to create the playlist and make sure it's set as Secret. You can follow the steps under Playlist Privacy here. Once the playlist is created and set as Collaborative, you can Share it by copying the playlist Link and sending it in a message to the users you want.

If a user is following your playlist and you mark it private, everyone following your playlist will still be able to access it. 

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