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Giving Spotify Premium as a gift, using the .99 for 3 month offer

Giving Spotify Premium as a gift, using the .99 for 3 month offer

Hi, I've looked on the Spotify website as way to give Spotify Premium as a gift to someone for a year and it looks like the 12 month Premium gift is $120 or something like that..but I would like to give it as a gift to someone and yet take advantage of the $0.99 for 3 months that possible? If so, how?


Thanks ahead of time..

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Hey @1161553799!


Welcome to the Community and no worries, you can sign up for the 3-month offer here and then go to our e-card's page to send your gift out 🙂

Hi, thanks for your response..I saw these pages but it looks like when I sign up for the 3 months for 0.99 offer that it gives those three months Premium to ME..or am I wrong? Can I decide who those 3 months go to? Cuz I don't see an option for that when I go to pay for it. I'd like to give those three months to someone else then pay for the extra 6 months after that on the e-gift page for the same that possible? If so, can you explain to me how to do it? Thanks ahead of time.

That's currently not possible, but our e-cards page is the best option for you to gift someone with the joy of Premium!


The 3-month offer is only for subscribers who haven't paid for Premium before and would like to continue on a recurring subscription, so it can't be sent out as a gift.

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