Go online to download !! ! ! ! !

Go online to download !! ! ! ! !


I purchased premium but it wont download my songs on mobile. I have the latest android and version of the app. I have an HTC one m8 and it says go online to download even when im connected to internet. I even turned on sync over cellular and it says the same thing. Go online to download. Help!

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Could you try doing a full reinstallation of the app, including removing your local cache/data files.

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I have the same problem, have cleared cach, reinstalled.  but the minute i switch to offline mode i get "Please go online and download".  From my PC the playlist says it is downloaded and in offline mode.   On my phone once i switch the playlist to "Available Offline"  it says "please go online to download" no idea what that means.  and when i tap a song it says "that song is not available" .  This is extreamly frustrating.  


On your phone, is your Spotify set to Offline Mode? You can change this by going to Settings and toggling Offline Mode off.


Afterwards, make your playlist available offline so you can listen to your jams ;).


Have fun!


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Worked for me, Thanks!


Same problem as the others. Used to play on an airplane in offline mode. Didn't with this last plane ride. Uninstalled, cleared cache, reinstalled. Still asking me to go online (I am online) to download songs to listen to them offline. Very frustrating!

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