Going from family to standard premium account

Going from family to standard premium account



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Hi, I would like t leave the family account I am in (I am not the admin) and go to an individual premium account but the only available plans in my account page are 'premium for students' and free.

I have tried in thre different browsers in two devices.


How do I do it?

Do I need to go to free and then buy an individual premium account?

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I'm not sure but yes I think so. Just cancel subscription and choose the option you want.

I would prefer to change to individual premium directly. It is weird that I don't have the option. I was thinking that perhaps there is a bug...

Try to  ask the admin to unlink or remove you from family

not an option to talk with the admin;)

can you remove urself from that family account?

If I could do it, I would have not written any message in this forum:)


Thank you for all your answers but I will wait until someone from Spotify responds on Monday or Tuesday.

Have a great weekend

Hey there @aida2 and @TaTHEj


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

You've got it all right - in order to leave a Premium Family plan you need to ask the plan manager to remove you from their subscription. 


Then your account will switch to a free one and you can get your own individual Premium plan. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

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