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Goodbye Spotify

Goodbye Spotify

I am leaving you Spotify because you have cheated on me. I started off with a free account and enjoyed listening to the music. Then decided to become a Premuim user, and it was greate. But my circumstances changed so had to terminate my Premium subscription. I don't mind the adverts.


Then it all started by tracks being removed for the reason that I have exceeded the number of times I listend to them, and now I am getting the messge that I have exceeded my 10 hours and must upgrade. I tweeted you and complained about this but you have not responded.


Is my punishment the fact that I changed subscription??


Very poor practice, I don't like being cheated on, shame on you.  so....



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Speedymo - I'm sorry to hear you want to leave us. This really is totally unrelated to your change in subscription status. This limitation is in place for all free UK users after they've had their accounts for over 6 months.

It's not something we wanted to introduce, but was necessary to get free music to you guys in the long term. You can read more about it here:

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

How can you get us free music when we can't listen to it?????


You'll just have to keep subscribing or leave, you aren't listening to much for free. As far as I know, in the UK you also have a 5 play limit on each track which completely kills the free service.


Is all Spotify music worth £5 a month for you?

Licenses cost money you know?  There's no way they can sustain themselves if it is just unlimited forever.

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