Google Home Mini

So I tried getting my free google home mini. I have been a premium member since like 2013/2014. Whe. I went through the steps and went to the google store to redeem it made me pay $59. I thought this was suppose to be a free thing??

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I had the same issue, it's in my cart but the price is still showing and it's asking me to confirm my purchase.  Did you ever get refunded?

I’m curious also. I followed all the steps but like a dummy I hit the back button because I chose the wrong color. Now I can’t redeem the promo

I'm having the same issue . Pressed the checkout button price still 59 dont want to press the confirm purchase button. Is there a promo code that is supposed to be applied?

I got a reply from Spotify customer service this morning. 
The trick that fixed this for me: 

copy/paste the url from Your email in like a notepad or something. The url should say “promoCode=......” and have your promo code there. You can manually apply it then. Hope this helps! 

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