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Google Home/Work Conundrum

Google Home/Work Conundrum

Hoping some of you will have a bright idea for me. 


I just got a Google Home, which is linked to my main Spotify account. I want to keep it there so I have access to all the playlists I've created over the years. 


Problem is I also want to listen at work, but my wife uses the Google Home during the day so I can't use both at the same time. I could use her account at work I guess, since I have the family plan, but she doesn't have any playlists or anything. 


Will the family plan ever allow multiple uses of the same account? Or does anyone have an idea for a work around? Thanks. 

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I'm currently a Deezer user and i am considering moving over to the Spotify premium account, i also want to know if the kids can stream on one mini and i listen to other spotify on another speaker.. not sure how this works to be honest..

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