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Google Music user


Google Music user







(Samsung Galaxy S8+, Desktop PC)

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(Android Oreo, Windows 10)


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 Hello people. I am a Google Music premium user since the day it came out. I am interested in moving to Spotify because I prefer the UI plus its easier to find new music. My question is simple. I have around 150 playlists. Is there a way to move them in Spotify? Cause if I cant there is no way I will do it manually. I looked at google but I only got some online paid services that asked me to turn off google  2 step and i am not gonna do that

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Re: Google Music user

Music Fan

I'm sorry but I have to tell you that's impossible.

The only way is to create every playlist new on Spotify.

Re: Google Music user

Casual Listener

You could use 🙂

Re: Google Music user


That is not possible im sorry to say.