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Got charged for the Student Subscrition but cancelled the payment?

Got charged for the Student Subscrition but cancelled the payment?



So yesterday i was fidgeting around the different subscriptions and saw that there was a student sub which i misunderstood. i filled in my credit card and my info but when i got redirected to the SheerID page, i realised it only was for the unviversities, i only go to gymnasium therefore i couldnt use that sub. 

I checked my account about 5 mins ago and saw a transaction of 49.49 kr, that i got a bit confused about. Now i dont know if the money for the Student sub got taken from my account, even though i cancelled my buy or what happend. But one thing is for sure: I tried to sub to the subscription, but i couldnt due to my school. Then i cancelled, yet i still get charged for the subscription.


I would like a refund if possible... it would be nice, since i cancelled the buy, even though i submitted my card and everything.


Hope you'll can help me..

Kind Regards


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Hey @alin717!

If you tried to apply for the Student discount but the verification failed, you've probably been charged temporarily. The charge is a temporary authorization for withdrawal from your bank, and your credit should be back in a couple of days. If this doesn't happen, just let me know!

Hope this helps 🙂


So i'll get the money back at some point? 


Exactly! Let me know if you have any more questions to ask 🙂


I've had the same problem. I didn't go through with the student subscription but did enter my card details and have been charged twice (I think I refreshed the page). I've looked around support and can't find an answer. Hopefully it will be automatically refunded 😞


Hey @ajamilkshake, welcome to the community!


If you didn't confirm the student discount, the payment should show as pending on your bank statement and will go back to your bank account automatically.


You can contact your bank for more information about these pending transactions.


All the best.

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thank you!

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