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Got my subscription canceled without my consent

Got my subscription canceled without my consent

I was having problems yesterday with my music turning off because I was supposedly listening on a device I didn’t recognize. I freaked out and looked online for help and found a chat. I have transcript of my chat. The person asked me to give her proof of payment/receipt to ensure I was the account owner. I couldn’t do this as I was at work at the time. She said she had locked my account as a security measure and to contact you again when I was able to produce my Spotify receipt. Now I can’t find how to chat with anyone or any support and I can’t log into my account at all. I got an email saying my subscription had been canceled. I did not cancel! I don’t want to lose my playlists I’ve had for years! Someone please tell me how i can fix this. I had signed up for an account through Facebook and have been a premium customer for many years

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