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I have sent two messages via the form about thirty minutes ago, I am noticing from previous threads similar to this one that I'm supposed to get an email with a case number - I am not getting those emails despite the fact that my email address on my account remained the same. Here's what happened:


I tried to log into spotify, I was told my username/password is incorrect.


I change my password and successfully log in.


Upon loggin in I notice my playlists are completely gone and there doesn't seem to be a way to recover them.


I also notice that my avatar had changed.


My username, email, payment info, and personal profile remained the same. However I think my phone number was removed from the information, I don't remember whether or not I provided it, but something tells me I did.


A new playlist was created with 12 songs in it, and that playlist is still there. 


When I look at my avatar on my spotify app, I can still see the same avatar I had uploaded from the very beginning since signing up. However, when I log into my account via Spotify website, it's a completely different avatar. I have NO idea what this means. When I click on my name at the top right of my Spotify app via PC, it shows me a completely different user that has the image of the avatar I see via the Spotify website (which is again different than my original avatar I uploaded). 


Can someone please contact me I have no idea whether or not I need to cancel my subsciption. Again, I've sent messages via the contact form, and I believe I'm supposed to get confirmation emails with a case number, but those emails have NOT come despite the email address on my account remaining exactly the same (and having the browser tell me that "an email will be sent to..... shortly" showing the correct email).



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I found how to restore my playlists.




I found something interesting.


When I click on "spotify help" on the PC app, it takes me to my profile and the username is totally different!!!! My username should be MikeBit21 as you can see here, however it says Mathias Ebdrup Thomassen, and this is the user with the different avatar than my own. 


Now I'm confused because when I log into Spotify online, it shows my username mikebit21 with this guy's avatar and not my original.


WTF is going on, what is my username at this point?! Becuase on the spotify PC app when I click on my account settings, it shows this jerk's face with his name and not my own.


I need an admin to contact me ASAP because I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription. How can you guys not have a phone number?! How do I know my tickets aren't being rerouted to the hacker's email and not mine, which is why I'm not getting case numbers to the tickets I'm opening?! 


Tell me what to do PLEASE.



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Just out of courtesy,



This problem has been taken care of by Spotify support. They're actually pretty quick via email and I'm glad they were able to get my tunes back online.


I can't believe the hacker linked his facebook account to my spotify, he completely gave away his identity and I wonder if I should be doing something about it.


~ Mike