HELP!! Spotify won't let me change country


HELP!! Spotify won't let me change country


Hi all, 


I really need help with this issue and would appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions.


So basically I live in Ireland and a couple of months ago, while on spotify free, a notification came up saying "You can't use Spotify abroad for 14 days" and I couldn't log in. So, using the website I just said "ah sure i'll change it to the US" and it was fine, I could log into my account and listen to my music.


Now, I want to get Spotify premium as there's an offer on for 3 months for 10 euro. When putting in my card details it recognized that I'm not from the US and I couldn't get premium. So I did the obvious thing and logged into my account, clicked "Edit Profile" and tried to change the country by using the drop down menu, but the only country it says is USA. There is literally no other option in the drop-down menu and now I can't change the country settings back to Ireland, therefore I can't get premium.


Please help!!!









iPhone 6s

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Hey @olearyalice


Most of those problems come from a difference between the country shown through your IP address, and the one in your profile.


First, check your IP address here.

After that, compare it to the country shown in your profile.


If you opened your account with Facebook, your country is tied to the country shown in your Facebook account, so you may need to change it there.


Also, your payment method (if you used one for Premium) must match your country too, so you may need to delete it to update countries.


Change your country setting in your profile page so it matches what your IP address shows.


Hope it helps. 🙂

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