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Hacked Facebook

Hacked Facebook

Just earlier this week my facebook was hacked (my passwords are changed, and someone is using my photos as their own) and all of the three-party platforms who were associated with it has now received a password changed. Seeing that my Spotify account was created through my Facebook I can no longer sign in with my email or Facebook, and when I say "forgot my password" it directs me to go to Facebook and change my settings. Which, of course is not possible :(. Anyways, I was wondering if you could reset my account or delete it so I can make a new one with the same email that was associated with it prior to the hack. 

Thank You, 

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Hi @leaveit2lau! - Welcome to the Community!

Don't worry Lauren, Let's try to fix this together! 🙂 - As your account has been taken over and you can't regain control, you'll need to use this anonymous contact form  or contact Spotify via Social Media so you can get this account, back in your control and secured! 🙂


Below is a link to contact Spotify without logging in, Please make sure you're logged out of your community account and any Spotify programs we suggest you open it in an intergo window or Private Window.

Please use a email you can be contacted on and also the emails/usernames of the account in question also please provide details to prove that the account is your's such as how you pay the subscription (Card/PayPal/Pre-Paid/Mobile) If you pay card please include the last 4 digits, If you have an address or date of birth on the account please include that so the account can be proven it's yours.. There maybe other details asked for to complete verification

Spotify Support can try to look into this for you.

Contact Spotify (via Email):
Twitter: - Drop a DM 🙂

Important if your emailing:
If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the Community, Please do drop a reply so this will get queued for an agent to see!

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