Hacked? Weird e-mail address, password doesn't work, credit card is being charged.


Hacked? Weird e-mail address, password doesn't work, credit card is being charged.




I have many problems but maybe they are all connected.


First of all, my profile shows an email that I have nothing to do with: nilokom023@teleworm.us


I never had such an email address nor used it to register with spotify (I registered via facebook). 


I can log in with facebook but, my facebook password  doesn't work here, so I can't change the email address to the correct one.


Moreover, when I try to upgrade to premium, it tells me "oops, there was a problem with your card" bla bla.. BUT when I checked my account, I saw that SPOTIFY HAS BEEN CHARGING ME FOR 5 MONTHS, but I can't get the premium service.


Could anybody explain what is going on?


I'd like to change my e mail address to the correct one, change my password and I'd like to a) get a refund, or b) use premium for free for the months that I've been charged.


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Hi there,


I think the best course of action here is to complete the following contact form and hopefully, someone will be able to sort this out for you;



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My account has been hacked too and chanced the email address. So, when i go so the Link you added and discripe my Problem, they respond to the false email address!
So, what now?

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Hi @menguzar and @am333,


Sorry for the delay in responding guys - I didn't see these replies until today.


I have escalated this issue so hopefully, someone from the Spotify team will join this conversation soon.

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@menguzar and @am333,


Try using this anonymous link to Customer Support; https://support.spotify.com/us/contact-spotify-anonymous/


Please be advised thoughthat when using this, you cannot be logged in to any Spotify apps anywhere (even with a temporary account).


For example, you may have created a new account to use in the meantime, so if you have, you will need to log out of this or Customer Support will get the details of your temporary account and might get confused about which account requires attention.