Hacked account!


Hacked account!

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This morning i noticed that i was loged out of my SPotify and i could only log in with my Facebok and some other device was using my Spotify so i was trying to change password but the hacker alredy changed my information on my account information! Even changed my email so i can't recover it!

My real e-mail is ashne-chan@hotmail.com

Please help!

Edyta (Sadpanda22)

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Hello, I seem to be having the same issue as these two people, they changed my email and password so theres nothing I can do, I managed to log in from facebook for about 5 minutes and could clearly see someone else using my spotify.
My primary email: Juliankimwilhelm@gmail.com
Current email assigned to spotify: h1049680@trbvm.com

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Hey @hiidi@Sadpanda22 and @Donvit90!


That's not cool! I would advise you to immediately get in touch with Spotify!


You may get in touch with Spotify by following this link (you won't have to login with this link) to send an e-mail.
If you send an e-mail, please check your inbox (and spam box) to check for their automatic reply. Once you get it, please reply to it immediatly (even if it's from an no-reply e-mail addres) to make sure an Spotify employee will get back to you as soon as possible.

Spotify aims to reply within 24 hours.


If you don't have a reply after 48 hours, please let me know your case ID so I can make sure someone looks into it.

Thank you!

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This probably won't work, at least it wouldn't for me. The reply is going to be sent to the hackers email; MostafaAshraf@gmail.com
While mine is Joacimt@hotmail.com (I believe is the spotify one, the one I currently use for facebook is Joacim.saksofon@gmail.com)

My username is Trapnest btw, just to get it on here.

I have contacted SpotifyCare on facebook, but is there an email I can use to get in touch with them? Them sending the emails to the hacker isn't of much help....

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I also have this problem. The reply is going to be sent to the hackers email, witch has changed now in Juliankimwilhelm@gmail.com. Yesterday is was: saramariana297@gmail.com. My own email adress is: vitesseniek@hotmail.com. Is there another way to contact spotify? I'm really angry about this. I pay for my account!!! If this going to be longer i should stop my account and payements.

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I will try to use the contactform and leave my real email there.

I would recommend getting in touch with SpotifyCares on facebook, and send them a PM. I don't know which is faster though. The fact that Spotify had have continues problems like these over the years is not reassuring. The fact that they didn't have an email confirmation to be sent to the old adress back in 2012, and still haven't is nothing less than horrendous.

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I have the same problem as Sadpanda22. Yesterdag some other device also use my spotify account and it still does.I can't loggin whit my old password. I even was trying to change my password again but the hacker already changed my profil information and email, so i can't change my password again. My email adres is: vitesseniek@hotmail.com.


The email that has been used now is: saramariana297@gmail.com. I don't now this email and it looks spanish. I come from holland so its a miracle.


Please can some help me and also Sadpanda 22 to fix this problem.




Niek (donvito90)