Hacked account


Hacked account


This afternoon I opened up my spotify and found out that ALL of my playlists were gone and replaced with a couple of French playlists. I just came back from a holiday in spain and was able to use Spotify without any problem. I went on a plane ride back home and now it's all screwed up. Everything that I have gathered over the years seems to be gone. Has anyone had the same experience? I can't seem to contact Spotify directly about this. I'm rather desperate to get this fixed.... 

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Hey @Henzl !


If you think that your account has been stolen, I would suggest you to contact support through the anonymous contact form. This is alternative form so you can enter an email which you can access to get the reply, please make sure that this is an email that is not compromised, and that you have access to it.


Have a nice day 🙂