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I've had users from overseas using my account. They repeatedly connect via Waze and attempt to login with a temporary recovery. I know this from the numerous Turkish Spotify emails I've had to translate via Google. They have added/removed songs from my liked library, created playlists, added a device password, added multiple accounts to my family plan, and are affecting my recently listened list of music. I've undone as much of the damage as possible as well as reset both my Spotify password and the associated Google account but the issue persists.  I know from the information I've seen that the person was using an Iphone with Turkish being their primary language. No one in our family is Turkish nor do we have any Apple products. Please advise.

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Hey! Sorry to hear you're having issues! Could you try a couple things and then let me know if the problem still continues?

1) On, go to your Account page and change your password. While some users have said that this hasn't fixed their problem, it has worked in other cases. (Facebook users have to change their Facebook password instead.)

2) Also on your Account page, there is an option that says "Sign Out Everywhere" which will disconnect you from all active devices. If you do this as well as change your password then the problem should disappear.

3) Another option is to go to the Apps tab on your Account page, here you can revoke permission from apps that want to access your Spotify account. If you see anything here that you don't trust, remove it from the list.


Let me know how it goes!


Thanks for reading! If this worked for you, please mark this as the solution, this way others will be able to find the answers to their problems in the future! 🙂



Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried all of these options. As I mentioned, I've changed the passwords on my Spotify account as well as my Gmail. I've also logged out everywhere on multiple occasions but somehow they find access again. I've also tried revoking access to Waze however it only appeared to apply to the device I was using as I would still get the notification for Spotify connections on my phone that it was connected to Waze. As far as how they gain access I suspect some exploit in the temporary access related to forgotten passwords as the Turkish Spotify emails I keep receiving suggest.  The following is the text from those official Spotify emails:


Tekrar hoş geldin
Spotify'da oturum açmayı tamamlamak için cep telefonundan aşağıdaki düğmeye dokun.
Bu bağlantı 4 saat için geçerlidir ve kaç kez istersen kullanılabilir.
Bu e-postayı neden aldığını biliyor musun?
Bu e-postayı Spotify hesabında oturum açmana yardımcı olmak için yolladık.
Hesabında oturum açmayı denemediysen veya bu e-postayı istemediysen endişelenme, e-posta adresin yanlışlıkla girilmiş olabilir. Bu e-postayı yok sayabilir veya silebilir ve oturum açmak için mevcut parolanı kullanabilirsin.
Keyifli dinlemeler!
Spotify ekibi

Hmm that's really strange, is there any chance your email may be compromised? I recommend changing your email password, making sure your email is logged out everywhere and then retrying the steps above, I hope it works out for you!

Are you not someone on the tech team at Spotify? Is there no recourse you can offer on the admin side such as banning or blocking devices? If you are a member of the tech support team we could certainly continue the conversation via text message on the device linked to my account. I can be certain that IT is not compimized.

Unfortunately, I'm not involved in the tech side of things, sorry! I still think it would be worth a shot to change the password of the email that you have connected to the account, if you have gmail you can take a look at the login history and make sure that all the devices you're logged into with that email are your own. I'm sure other email providers have similar features as well! 

Hey @eltoch and @user-removed just wanted to jump in here to maybe provide some additional information.


If after trying all those steps you could not find a solution,  it's best to reach out directly to Spotify Support. They can be reached through their Twitter @SpotifyCares ( or through the online Spotify Support.

*Note that if you are going submit a contact form (instead of sending a DM on Twitter), make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.



Hey there @user-removed,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


If you're still seeing unexpected activity like you described even after changing your password and logging out, we'd recommend following the rest of the steps provided here to get in touch with us. 


This way, a member of our support teams can take a closer look behind the scenes for you and take all the necessary steps to secure your account.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day  : )🙂

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