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Hackers taking over accounts

Hackers taking over accounts

This is the second time I've had to change my password on this account, and not because I got the password wrong. Spotify seriously needs to get a 2-step authentication system going. My last account got hacked so hard I had to delete it and start fresh with this one, and technically this community account isn't mine as the hacker started it before I stepped in. Nothing is linked to my account so it's not google or facebook selling my info on that subject. But seriously, why hack someone with a free account when you could easily just put in your own email and and password and make your own account for free? Seriously Spotify, get your act together and care about your users.







Operating System

Windows 10


My Issue

Hackers. Deal with them.

2 Replies

The exact thing keeps happening  to me, and like you I keep  changing my password  until someone else uses my account. Is there a way Spotify could improve the privacy issues? 

THey can add 2-step verification sent via email or perhaps do it similar to
how Apple and Steam have theirs set up? They could also remove special
treatment from sony and Sonos because even if you use the sign out
everywhere button those two will always stay logged in and you have to
remove them from the system itself

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