Had spotify premium and its just disappeared

Had spotify premium and its just disappeared

So, Ive had spotify premium since last year, had no problems what so ever till now... I open it up on my phone and it goes you need to be premium.. Then i go on my laptop to figure out why and its just put me on free again? So i decide to pay premium again and it declines my card saying its expired or no funds. Well i can tell you it hasnt expired and theres PLENTY of funds on there. So before i get really cheesed off can you fix this problem please.

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Hi tomak8 - Just taken a look and it seems your last payment couldn't go through successfully. 


FIrst I'd contact your bank to make sure your card still these requirements--especially being enabled for e-commerce transactions and foreign purchases.


If you're still having trouble, please give that a try via a PayPal account. 

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