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Help I accidentally erased my favorite playlist!!!!

Help I accidentally erased my favorite playlist!!!!

Can anyone pleeze help me? I have all my other playlists just the one is missing. (Its titled: Lets be indie hipsters ) I guess my pets dont like indie music?? My dog scared my cat and she walked across my keyboard and now I'm missing my favorite playlist? I thought maybe it was jet-lag from just arriving back home today but I double checked and its gone?? (PS: I know this sounds eerily like the old "my dog ate my homework" excuse, but I assure you its NOT! PLZ HELP!!! 

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Surely the Staff can restore your playlist, just sit tigh.
Surely Ctrl+Z combo "Might" help (undo).

If not, then just wait for help.

In the mean time you could check out

If this gets implemented you could restore them on your own.

                                                                      IDEAS: Device Management | Recover Deleted Items

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